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Announcement about EFeXX

We are happy to announce that SAGD has a new partner-society. In 2015 the European Federation for Xin yi and Xing yi Kungfu (EFeXX) was founded and has already the official status e.V. (society in Germany). This society will focus on the scientific aspects of all styles related to Xin yi and will complement our efforts on the European scale by workshops, publications and exchange projects.

EFeXX will take up work in 2016 and the construction-projects are running right now. We hope to announce the start of the new webpage soon, but until then you can find first information here.

A first glance on our webpage can be found here: www.efexx.org

Preface for the „European Federation for Xin yi and Xing yi Kungfu“

Scientific Research, Maintenance, and Development of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts


Traditional Martial Arts (TMA) are not mere sportive activities, but rather a way of life and a path to study life. Originally created to survive martial conflicts, these arts are nowadays cultural products to handle social-needs and problems with respect, humanity and tolerance. We believe that the principles at the heart of the movements, theories and philosophies of TMA possess knowledge to overcome physical, psychological and social challenges of modern times. Not to hide within conserved traditions, but with the insight of principles and developments of human nature, nothing that is done may be at the expense of the tradition. Therefore we want to conserve the old knowledge and potencies and, at the same time, transfer them to the 21th Century, with scientific and historical approaches and methodology.

Who we are

We are friends, teachers and scholars of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts (TCMA) that dedicated their training and life to the propagation and preservation of the traditional Kungfu-spirit of the Xinyi-Family-styles (i.e. Xinyi Liuhe Quan, Xingyi Quan, Daishe Xinyi, Shaolin Xinyi Ba and others). We are not interested in sportive competitions, unless it is for the purpose of amicable exchange of knowledge and skills, rather than for creating losers and winners. Self-cultivation and improvement of our skills and health are our major sportsmanlike interests. Our scientific motivation is to understand, to share and to develop the history, techniques and theories of Chinese Kungfu.

Purpose of the federation

This federation should create a platform and a fundament for interested people and scholars of Xinyi-family Kungfu-styles to get in contact, to learn from each other and to work on different scientific projects. We want to create public available databases and information for everybody who is interested in TCMA beyond commerce and mysticism. The provided information is at an ensured level of scientific quality in the field of medicine, history and philosophy and scientific articles are not the idea of an individual, but peer reviewed. Additionally, we want to strengthen the Chinese-European-friendship via the way of Kungfu and use our work for intercultural understanding abroad countries and languages.


Members of the federation are friends, colleagues, Kungfu brothers and sisters that know and respect each other. All members share the ideas of traditional teaching, training and the vision of this federation. New members must be known to each of the current members personally regarding their character, skills and attitude to precede the friendly and respectful atmosphere in the Xinyi-culture between schools and teachers. The goal of this federation is not to challenge others, but life.

Executive Board

Dr. Daniel Beis

Dr. Stefan Merkl

Thorsten Härtel

Contact Details for Germany

Phone: +49 30 80928302

Email: efexx.kungfu@gmail.com

Annual meeting of all EFeXX members (Generalversammlung)

Wann: 4.-6. Dezember 2015

Wo: Berlin